Please wipe your paws at the door

Welcome... my site.  This is the most rough (and ugly) website you will ever see, mainly because I do not have time to update.  Which makes this even more interesting, if I do not have time to update, how can I even manage to start a site to begin with?

Obviously, I can not.

The purpose of this site is so that I may neatly organize my online resources and make browsing and sharing my information easier.  At least, the information that I wish to share.

For pictures of my character, I was going to upload them here, but it takes far too long to upload one picture at a time.  So instead, click here and you will be taken to my Photo Bucket account where you can view the pictures of my character, drawn by other artists.  Eventually, I will have all of my pictures uploaded here for easier viewing but until then, my Photo Bucket account will have to do.

The Links section contains a list of links to other places where I can be found.

Other random information can be found throughout.  Not that anyone actually cares about this kind of stuff, but there is a small few who actually do, or at least pretend to.  So as this site is the worst "work-in-progress" or "under construction" site you will ever view, please leave me some comments and be brutal.  I need to know what I should do to make this better.


Apparently no one read the description above, so allow me to draw your attention to this paragraph.

The point of this site is NOT for pageviews.  It is for my personal logging of information and so that I can share the information with friends.  If I actually cared what you thought of the site, I would update more often.

As it currently stands, this is something for me to update whenever I feel like it (usually when I am bored).  This site serves its purpose and I do not care if you like it or not.

If you have a problem with the site, don't look.  If you have a problem with me, too bad.  Send as much spam and hate mail as you want, I have a filter on my mailbox and I will never see it.  I can only receive mail from people in my address book, so SPAM AWAY.

Last update to this site was on: October 2nd, 2009

Update Information for Oct. 1, 2011
Finally finished and uploaded the Welcome to OnStar call list.

Update Information for Oct. 11, 2009
Updated Links page with more links (yet again)
Organized Links page again (like you never saw that coming)
Added the "Welcome to OnStar" page because everyone has been begging me for it
Updates to the page will be added periodically throughout the week until I have made it through all 22
Currently on page 6/22

Update Information for Oct. 02, 2009
Update Links page with more craptacular links
Organized Links page, yet again, because I think it actually matters
I am still looking to get links to every site I am a member of

Update Information for Jul. 05, 2008
Updated Links page with more links
Organized Links page for neater viewing
Pokemon page was updated, considering removing altogether
Guestbook & Blog page deleted - Why? They were never used and there are other sites for that
Comments Box deleted from main page for a cleaner look
Finally removed falling snow from main page