Please wipe your paws at the door

Personal Information

Personal Information
Name Wolfe Masters
Birthday November 29, 1982
Birthplace Michigan
Current Location Royal Oak
Eye Color Blue with Brown in left eye
Hair Color Brown with Blonde streak
Height 6' 2"
Right or Left Handed Ambidextrous
My Heritage Russian/French/German
Marital Status Single

Character Information

My Furry Information
Species Wolf
Gender Male
Height 6' 2"
Ears Add 4"
Eyes Blue
Left Eye
Weight 250 lbs.
Tail Style Slightly fluffier than average
Tail Length Average
Paws or Hands Paw hands
Claws or Nails Claws
Leg/Feet Style w/shoes Plantigrade
Leg/Feet Style w/out Digitigrade
Fur Color Grey w/scattered highlights
Head Hair or Fur All Fur
How clean do you keep your fur Shower twice daily
Furry Orientation Straight
Do you wear clothes Yes
Kind of clothing Varies, always white
Hats Occasionally
Sun Glasses Silver Reflective
Shoes Usually None
Anything else about clothing All accessories are all silver
Anything else about clothing Rarely wear just fur, no clothing
Weapons I prefer none
Types of weapons Swords with a side pistol

Random Information

Other Information
My Clothing Style Tasteful
Number of CDs I own 20
Number of Piercing's None
Number of Tattoos None
Shoes I Wore Today I prefer none
My Weakness Wolves
My Preferred Pizza Hawaiian
My Personal Goal To lose my extra baggage
Most Overused IM Phrase Salutations
My First Thoughts When Waking Up Can I sleep 1 more hour?
My Best Physical Feature I have none
My Bedtime Whenever I pass out
My Most Missed Memory I do not remember
Questions You Might Ask Me
Do you Sing Absolutely not
Do you Shower Daily
Do you Sing in the Shower Daily
Do you want to go to College Yes
Do you believe in yourself Yes
Do you get Motion Sickness No
Do you think you are Attractive No
Are you a Health Freak No
Do you get along with your Parents Yes
Do you like Thunderstorms Yes
Do you play an Instrument Does Nose Count?
Do you hang out at the Mall Yes
Do you like Seafood I despise it
What is your favorite food Anything Mexican
What will you be when you Grow Up Preferably Wolfen, Probably Human
What country would you like to Visit New Zealand or Australia
One or the Other
Pepsi or Coke Sprite
McDonalds or Burger King Taco Bell
Single or Group Dates Single
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea Lemonade
Chocolate or Vanilla Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee Water
What do you prefer in a Boy/Girl...
Favorite Eye Color Green
Favorite Hair Color Blonde
Short or Long Hair Longer than mine
Height Shorter than me
Weight Less than me
Who is your Ideal Love Whoever loves me for me
My Bad Habits
Do you Curse Occasionally
Do you drink Yes
Have you ever been Drunk I can not get drunk
Do you smoke No
Do you do drugs No
Have you ever Shoplifted Never
Have you ever been in a fight Yes, Unfortunately