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Here is where you will find the result of random quizzes that I have taken.  Most of which are wolf or werewolf related.  They are boring and not very entertaining to read, but they might be fun to fill out yourself.

Furry Quiz

Werewolves of folklore differ greatly from modern renditions seen in movies and shows. People believed there were many ways to become werewolves, such as drinking rainwater collected in a wolf's pawprint, eating meat gnawed on by a wolf, or being born with a full set of teeth or covered in a caul. And unlike movie werewolves, werewolves of old were oftentimes harmless and highly honorable! As a werewolf, you are loyal, strong and honorable, and you will protect all you hold dear with your very life. Although you are not a violent individual at heart, you will fight for what you believe in. You are a good friend and truly are a wonderful person to be around.
Who is your inner Shapeshifter? 

You are Light ... Caring and Graceful
~LIGHT~ Caring and pure. They love their pack members with all their hearts and will not stoop so low as to bring harm to another. Thats why pure Light wolves don't do well on hunts, but they give wonderful advise on life topics.
What Wolf Element Are You?
Wolf Furry
What Kind of Furry Are You?
Silver Werewolf
You are a Silver wolf, a breed of white werewolf that is the most illusive and shy. These werewolves tend to be loners but will have one or two pack mates scattered around that are sometimes confronted. Silver wolf werewolves are the smallest of the werewolf breeds and are usually quite agile and sleek. They look almost fox-like in appearance. These werewolves, although not silver in color as their name suggests are named so because silver is associated with the moon and the night. And these werewolves are very much a "part" of Luna manifestation as they rarely howl on normal nights, however, on the night of a full moon you will hear their howls rise though the night sky...
Which Breed Of Werewolf Are You?
Half wolves are friendly and have a lot of friends.  They also have cool tails.
You are a half-wolf, you are hairy like David Hasselhoff. J/K You are a loyal friend, who is very apretiated.
Which Half-Breed Are You?

Wolf Box

Wolf or Were? by Nanakyi
Favorite Color
Mental Status (be honest!)
Your Species Is Your a full blood wolf!
Your Main Color Is Silver with glowing hues
Your Objective Is Protection

The Wolf Within by michie3
Your User Name:
Your Chosen Wolf Name:
Size: nothing special, average
Colour: Shades of Gray and Brown
Eye Hues: hazel
Pack Rank: seeking a mate to start a pack
Favorite Activity: laying in the sun... relaxing
Favorite Food: bugs! slimey, crunchy goodness

Random Box

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan

Your name is...
Your kiss is... erotic
Your hugs are... gentle
Your eyes... sparkle like the stars
Your touch is... heart warming
Your smell is... beautiful
Your smile is... amazing
Your love is... one of a kind

Aside from having an "Erotic Kiss" I am going to assume that this is accurate.
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in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Your Life Path Number is 6
Your purpose in life is to help others

You are very compassionate, and you offer comfort to those around you.
It pains you to see other people hurting, and you do all in your power to help them.
You take on responsibility, and don't mind personal sacrifice. You are the ultimate giver.

In love, you offer warmth and protection to your partner.

You often give too much of yourself, and you rarely put your own needs first.
Emotions tend to rule your decisions too much, especially when it comes to love.
And while taking care of people is great, make sure to give them room to grow on their own.